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Website Development Coding, Software, SMS & Voice Solution and Online Payment Gateway Service are provided on terms and conditions of product & service license agreements.

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Support services are provided by Asia InfoTech Support Team.
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All fees are payable in INR Rupees. All transmission fees, currency translation fees, wire and bank fees chargeable by or deducted from remittances by any bank, including the transmitting, intermediary or recipient bank are the responsibility of the remitting party (customer). Merchant fees charged by Debit & Credit Card Companies and by PayPal assessed to Asia InfoTech, will be absorbed by Asia InfoTech and are expressly not the responsibility of the remitting party.

“Fee amounts are subject to change at any time, at sole discretion of Asia InfoTech.”

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Asia InfoTech does not accept unauthorized access and idea submissions outside of established business relationships. To protect the interests of our current clients and ourselves, we must treat the issue of such submissions with great care. Importantly, without a clear business relationship, Asia InfoTech cannot and does not treat any such submissions in confidence.

Accordingly, please do not communicate unauthorized idea submissions to Asia InfoTech through this website. Any ideas disclosed to Asia InfoTech outside a pre-existing and documented confidential business relationship are not confidential and AIT may therefore develop, use and freely disclose or publish similar ideas without compensating you or accounting to you. AIT will make every reasonable effort to return or destroy any unauthorized idea submissions without detailed review of them. However, if a review is necessary in Asia InfoTech sole discretion, it will be with the understanding that we assume no obligation to protect the confidentiality of your idea or compensate you for its disclosure or use. By submitting an idea or other detailed submission to Asia InfoTech through this website, you agree to be bound by the terms of this stated policy.

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Today’s business requirements demand that you communicate instantaneously with your customers and that you do so in a manner that is cheaper and more reliable. Rely on us for fast, personalized, scalable, and measurable sms solutions.
Customer can pay for items in their ecommerce shopping cart using VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or other credit cards in addition to PayPal.
Logo design, identity design & branding all have different roles, that together, form a perceived image for a business.

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